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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's best? Special RV toilet paper or regular stuff from the supermarket?

By Chuck Woodbury

That's a question we posed to the readers of the RVtravel.com newsletter. Is it really worth it to pay a bundle for special paper from an RV dealer or RV accessories store? It'll cost you three times as much as a cheap brand at your favorite supermarket.

Well, more than 3,300 RVtravel.com readers responded, and nearly 60 percent reported they use "the regular brand from the supermarket." Most of the others said they purchased a "brand made specifically for RVs." Fifty-nine RVers clicked our third choice "I prefer to use a corn cob," but we're pretty sure they were kidding.

By the way, most RV experts agree that plain ol' one-ply white toilet paper is just as good as the high priced stuff made specifically for RVs.

Reader Pete Hilton left a comment on our survey, that pretty much sums up how to determine a suitable brand. He wrote: "We own and operate Mid GA RV Service, a Mobile RV Service business in Middle, Georgia. I get asked quite often about whether to use "RV toilet paper" or to use a name brand. I explain to customers to take a sheet and place it in your hand. Run water on it and see if it basically falls apart in your fingertips. If you try this and it passes the test, it usually will be approved for septic use and this should be ok for use in your RV."

If you would like to read the survey, you can do so here

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